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At SkillDing, we believe that true, deep learning arises from a cycle of understanding, remembering, and deliberate practice.

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To get true, deep learning from your newly acquired knowledge, you must Understand, Remember, and Deliberately Practice it.

Whether it’s a training session, eLearning, mentoring, or a podcast, we guide you to not just consume knowledge but to apply it effectively in real-world scenarios.


Our Services


Quantify the impact of your existing soft skills content with effective evaluation methodologies by connecting the content directly to tangible business outcomes


Connect your leaders directly to your teams through a bespoke podcast series. Shorten the distance from ideas to results with the digital tools that help your team track and implement key insights from each episode.


Podcasters – build communities around your episodes by forging deep and direct relationships with your listeners. Give them the opportunity to implement what they hear while sharing their successes and questions with you.

For Listeners: Your Personalised Learning Journey

I’m a Listener

  • On-the-Spot Recall: Easily remember and apply valuable insights from podcast episodes when you need them most.
  • Track Your Learning Progress: Monitor your personal growth as you implement podcast wisdom into your daily life.
  • Share Your Wins (Or Keep Them Private): You have the choice to share your achievements with your community, including the podcaster, or to keep your progress private.

For Podcasters: Connect More, Understand Better

I’m a Podcaster

Are you looking to build stronger connections with your audience and gain deeper insights? SkillDing offers unique tools tailored for podcasters. Discover how to engage your listeners like never before. Contact us to learn more.

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Founded in August 2021

SkillDing is dedicated to transforming the landscape of soft skills training. Our innovative approach combines technology with practical application, making learning a more dynamic and impactful experience for both content providers and consumers.

Our Mission: Empowering Deep Learning and Real-World Application.