Welcome to SkillDing

An innovative SaaS digital edtech platform

About Us

Founded in Aug’21, SkillDing aims to revolutionize the way both providers and consumers approach soft skills training.


  • Measure and track the impact of soft skill training.
  • Offering services to podcasters for limited audience insights.
  • Onboarding content in minutes.

I’m a Podcaster

If you are interested in finding out how you can build better connections with your audience, get in touch.

I’m a Listener

  • On-the-Spot Recall: Remember the most valuable takeaways from episodes exactly when you need them.
  • Your Learning Progress: Gauge and trace your personal growth as you put podcast wisdom into practice.
  • Share Your Wins (or Not): Decide whether to share your achievements with whomever you like, including the podcaster, or keep it private.

Contact Us

Email: kevin@skillding.com

Phone: 087 6955522