Are you ready to seize control of your path to success?

In this empowering podcast episode, Simon Alexander Ong shares valuable insights on the importance of directing your attention towards what you can control and taking small steps forward. Discover how embracing a bias towards action, even without waiting for confidence or motivation, can cultivate the momentum and confidence you need to thrive. By making intentional choices and aligning your behaviours with your desired identity, you can overcome overthinking, eliminate self-sabotage, and propel yourself towards exponential growth.

Simon emphasises the significance of creating a supportive and appreciative work environment where you can authentically express yourself and find joy in your endeavours. Learn how making conscious choices and understanding the power of choice can transform your work experience and lead to a happier, more fulfilling professional journey. Take that first courageous step towards the life you envision and unlock the keys to success and happiness at work.

The main points throughout this podcast include:
– Overcome challenges and achieve goals by focusing on what you can control.
– Take small action steps to develop confidence and create momentum.
– Align your work and life with your authentic self.
– Make conscious choices that align with your values, passions, and strengths.
– Break free from overthinking and paralysing doubts.
– Embrace your potential and unleash your true self.
– Success is a continuous journey, not a destination.
– Choose to respond and take control of your life.
– Start making progress towards the life you desire

“The way to make the progress you want and not to let them defeat you, it’s to focus on what you can control. However small, and there is always something that you can control. What actually happens is that many of us focus on the things we cannot control. And when you spend too much time and energy, focus on the things that you cannot control.”

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