In this week’s Happier at Work podcast episode, Aoife O’Brien chats with Fania Stoney, Business Development Strategist with Great Place to Work.

They explore a range of topics relating to the future of work: the challenges faced by entry-level employees in remote work settings, including the lack of cues and guidance needed to navigate the workplace effectively, the growing concern of isolation and the need for organisations to bring people together and create opportunities for collaboration.

The main points throughout this podcast include:
● Job crafting: how to create a career you love
● The importance of listening to your employees
● The future of work is now and how to get remote/ hybrid right
● Employer branding and the importance of stories
● How to help women succeed at work
● Menopause at work and the introduction of the Menopause Friendly Workplace Award

“Any organisation can create a great culture. I truly believe that and sometimes it’s about making what you’re already doing explicit and sometimes it’s about making those tweaks that can really kind of drive that overall experience. Always focusing on the three Cs. So communication, connection, and career. And that’s gonna look different in lots of different organisations, and it’s gonna look different for different people.”

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