We all hope to facilitate breakthroughs – those “a-ha” moments when participants have a lightbulb over their heads, ideas synthesise, and new ideas emerge.

But we can’t legislate and plan for them, can we?

Of course, there are no guarantees… but Kimberly Wiefling (and her approach to facilitation) is as close to a guarantee as you can get!

Join us in this episode as we discuss failure, emergence, workshop design, behavioural economics, language, and many more topics by way of some deeply personal reflections and storytelling. It’s a wondrous episode!

Find out about:

  • How to facilitate for breakthroughs to occur, rather than leaving it to chance
  • Where physics and facilitation intersect
  • What a workshop of breakthroughs looks like – before, during, and after
  • Why sharing a space and experience is critical to a workshop’s success
  • How to use clothing to influence your creativity (and mindset in general)
  • How using contracts (signed by employee and manager) can codify workshop outcomes

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Questions and Answers

Part two 
[02:45] Might we use the CEO as leverage to create a more innovative company culture? [09:16] How do you help groups prevent the 'workshop hangover', to maintain their learnings? [14:08] Examples of designing our environments to embed change. 
[16:48] Asking questions, posing possibilities, and how facilitators can introduce the idea of change. 
[20:53] Using overeating as an example to look at self-soothing, comforting, and avoidance. [23:36] How time moves differently when we're energised or burned out. 
[27:47] Facilitating transformational experiences. 
[29:36] Inviting co-creation by assigning roles in a workshop. 
[36:57] The disempowerment we create as facilitators when we 'take control' of a workshop.


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