How can organisations create a positive and inclusive work environment in the era of hybrid work? In this podcast episode featuring Katy Conway, Chief People Officer of RGP, she highlights the importance of listening to employees and incorporating their feedback into decision-making processes. RGP focuses on building strong relationships with both clients and employees, prioritising open communication and empathy to overcome challenges. Katy emphasises the value of creating connections and learning opportunities in a hybrid work environment, recognizing the significance of diversity, equity, and inclusion. By actively involving employees, fostering connections, and promoting inclusivity, organisations can navigate the challenges of hybrid work.

RGP’s approach involves adapting onboarding processes for remote work, utilising a mix of synchronous and asynchronous learning, and providing support to employees in their professional and personal lives. They also prioritise regular feedback and collaboration, organising town halls and breakout sessions to facilitate connection and vulnerability among employees. Additionally, RGP places a strong focus on diversity and inclusion, establishing a dedicated DE&I council and partnering with clients on relevant initiatives. By listening to employees, valuing their input, and prioritising their well-being, organisations can create a positive and inclusive work environment in the era of hybrid work.

Further points throughout include:
– People-centric organisation with an emphasis on listening and feedback
– Trust-building and open communication
– Challenges in project assignments and course correction
– Successful implementation of a hybrid working model
– Effective onboarding strategies for remote and hybrid environments
– Focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) initiatives
– Creating informal channels for employee connection and support
– Incorporating employee sentiment in decision-making
– Commitment to transparency, accountability, and continuous improvement in DE&I efforts.

“Last year, we conducted a global total reward survey. Tell us what’s important to you and what’s meaningful. And we were really clear up front and said, look, there’s going to be 3 inputs to forming our evolving total rewards. One is going to be competitive benchmarking data. We are going to look externally at what our peers and the places we compete for talent are doing so that we understand that. The 2nd understandably is going to be affordability because we are a for-profit business that’s trying to grow. But the third equally important input is going to be employee sentiment. What’s important to you?”

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