How can we create a workplace where everyone feels included, valued, and empowered to be their authentic selves?

In this thought-provoking podcast episode, host Aoife O’Brien engages in an inspiring conversation with Donna O’Connor, an Event & Communications Specialist working to create transformative conversations for business leaders across workplace wellbeing, mental health, culture change and inclusive leadership. Together, they explore the crucial components of building a happier and more inclusive work environment by championing diversity and fostering meaningful connections. Donna shares valuable insights on driving positive change, breaking down barriers, and promoting equity at the workplace. They discuss the significance of understanding intentions and behaviours to bridge gaps in communication and create a culture of empathy. Delve into the world of inclusion and discover how innovative approaches can shape a work culture where each individual thrives, regardless of background or identity.

The main points throughout this podcast include:
– Emphasising the role of intention and behaviour in creating genuine connections among team members.
– Understanding the challenges faced in achieving equal and equitable opportunities for all employees.
– Rethinking traditional practices and design to eliminate exclusion and prioritise inclusion.
– The importance of diverse perspectives at leadership levels for inclusive decision-making.
– Promoting a work culture that celebrates the unique qualities of each individual and values their contributions.

“ Inclusion is hard. Inclusion involves hearing something you don’t really want to hear. And if it’s somebody’s lived experience that they would prefer, if you didn’t use that word, you can’t say, I’m sorry, you’re wrong about that. Excuse me. Actually sometimes having somebody point out something to you that you say, well, that’s not my intention, but that doesn’t actually cover the topic entirely.

Maybe you need to have a conversation and maybe you need to change your vocabulary, or maybe you just need to be a bit more aware. The assumption is this is easy, that it’s something lovely and it’s inclusive. We all want to do it so it’s going to be very straightforward. But actually areas of it are going to be challenging because there are things that you’re going to be asked to do or stop doing that you don’t see as being offensive.”

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