How can we create happier and healthier workplaces that prioritise mental wellbeing?

In this episode, Aoife O’Brien sits down with mental health advocate, former rugby player, coach and well-known television pundit, Brent Pope, to discuss strategies for improving mental health in the workplace. Brent shares insights from his experience in mental health advocacy and offers practical tips for individuals and organisations. They delve into the importance of open conversations about mental health, finding purpose in your work, and fostering a supportive work culture. Brent introduces his Elephant in the Room project, which uses art to spark discussions and raise awareness about mental health. This episode encourages listeners to consider the elephant in their own workplace and take steps toward positive change.

The main points throughout this podcast include:
– The significance of addressing mental health in the workplace.
– Strategies for creating a supportive work environment.
– Embracing open conversations about mental health.
– Finding purpose and meaning in your work.
– The importance of connections and support.
– Brent’s Elephant in the Room project and its impact on raising awareness.

“If we know that the three biggest costs in business today for any business across the world is an absentee workforce, people taking days off work, obviously it’s a lack of productivity when they’re in the workplace. So not achieving sales figures or manufacturing figures. And the third one is the cost involved in training employees that then move on a couple of months later to a new job. If these are the three biggest costs and the three biggest reasons for those costs are mental health. Yeah. And yet the lowest spend and budgets from companies are around mental health. So what am I missing? I always get up. What am I missing here?”

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