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In today’s podcast episode, host Aoife O’Brien dives into the fascinating topic of autonomy at work. Autonomy refers to the sense of choice and control we have over what we do and how we do it. It’s amazing how the sudden shift to remote work during the pandemic gave many of us a greater sense of autonomy – the ability to control our own time and work in a way that suits us best.

But is more autonomy always better? Aoife challenges this assumption and offers insights on finding the right balance. Too much autonomy without guidance can leave us feeling lost and directionless, while too little autonomy under the watchful eye of a micromanager can be demoralising and demotivating.

Key points covered in this episode:
– Our psychological needs at work
– Dealing with a micromanager
– Setting clear expectations
– Finding the balance of autonomy

She also highlights the three core psychological needs we all have at work: autonomy, competence, and relatedness. Autonomy fosters job satisfaction, engagement, and trust within the organisation – ultimately leading to better business results. However, it’s essential to adapt our need for autonomy as our careers progress and our roles change.

If you’ve ever dealt with a micromanager, Aoife offers practical advice on addressing the issue by managing upwards. Communication is key, and expressing your preferences for greater independence can lead to a more balanced relationship.

Remember, it’s important to understand the needs and expectations of both yourself and your manager. Finding proactive ways to contribute and offer information in advance can help alleviate some of the micromanagement tendencies.

Ultimately, we all deserve to work in an environment that nurtures autonomy while providing the necessary guidance and support to thrive. So, let’s embrace autonomy at work, strive for competence, foster relatedness, and find the perfect balance that leads to greater happiness in our professional lives.

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