No matter how much you progress in your career, do you still feel like there must be something more out there?

In this week’s episode of the Happier at Work® podcast, we welcome a special guest, Brian Aquart, who shares his insights and experiences regarding the “great resignation” phenomenon that many have observed during the COVID-19 pandemic. Brian, a former employment law specialist turned healthcare industry professional, offers a unique perspective on why people are leaving their jobs and embarking on new paths.

Brian introduces us to his podcast, “Why I Left,” where he provides a platform for individuals to share their personal journeys of leaving stable jobs during these unprecedented times. The motivation behind their decisions ranges from a desire for alignment with personal values and aspirations, to pursuing passion projects and side hustles that foster personal growth and fulfilment.

The pandemic has forced many individuals to reflect on their career choices and evaluate if their current jobs truly bring them happiness and purpose. Brian emphasises that being happier at work goes beyond financial considerations, challenging the notion that money is the sole indicator of success. Instead, he urges us to consider the impact we have on the world and the kind of impact we want to make.

Through his own work in healthcare, Brian has found fulfilment by focusing on initiatives that positively impact lives, such as working with students and exposing them to opportunities in the healthcare industry. He reminds us that finding something we genuinely love to do and feel passionate about, coupled with making a difference in our chosen field, is key to experiencing happiness in our careers.

The main points throughout this podcast include:
– Personal stories from career changers, the main reasons people left stable jobs during the pandemic
– We don’t talk enough about job resignations, and what we can learn from the process
– How money is not purpose, and people want to have an impact through their work
– When you reach a certain level and think “is this all there is?”
– How to create more opportunities for yourself
– What companies should be offering to employees to prevent resignations

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