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In our latest solo episode, host Aoife O’Brien dives into the topic of relationships at work and their significance in shaping our workplace satisfaction. She explores how positive relationships can lead to better teamwork, increased productivity, and reduced stress levels.

Aoife emphasises the importance of identifying a person with whom you’d like to improve your relationship at work. It could be a colleague, boss, or senior leader. By focusing on building a better connection with this individual, you can create a positive impact on your overall work experience.

The episode goes on to discuss common obstacles that hinder positive relationships, including emotions, over- or under-functioning, and differences in communication styles. Aoife explores practical steps to overcome these challenges, such as understanding different personalities, adapting your communication style, and considering the intentions behind others’ behaviour.

If you’d like to dive deeper into the topics discussed in this episode, we have provided links to related episodes and resources within the show notes. Additionally, Aoife encourages you to share your thoughts and feedback on the changes we’re planning for the Happier at Work podcast. Your input is crucial to ensure we continue to deliver valuable content that resonates with you.

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– Book recommendation: “Surrounded by Idiots” on understanding different communication styles and personality differences

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