How do you make flexibility work for you?  In today’s episode of the Happier at Work podcast, host Aoife O’Brien is joined by Molly Johnson-Jones, founder of Flexa. Molly shares her experiences and thoughts on the topic of flexibility at work, a subject that has been gaining momentum and transforming the way we approach work-life balance. 

Molly’s take on flexibility revolves around the idea of setting boundaries and finding the perfect balance between work and personal life. She highlighted the importance of creating a flexible work environment that allows individuals to thrive by adapting their schedules to meet their individual needs.

One key aspect Molly touches upon was the misconception that flexibility means constantly being available or working longer hours. She emphasised the need for intentional planning and embracing the freedom to take time off when work is complete, rather than searching for unnecessary tasks to fill the day. Taking personal time and rejuvenating is just as important as being productive during work hours.

Molly also discusses the varying perspectives on flexibility among different generations. As millennials continue moving into leadership roles, she predicts a higher rate of acceptance and adoption of remote work practices. However, fear of the unknown and the traditional face-to-face interactions valued by older generations can still influence the desire to return to the office.

Molly sheds light on the challenges faced by larger corporations in implementing organisational transformations due to their size. However, she stressed the importance of flexibility in attracting diverse talent and improving engagement and productivity. By being transparent about their flexible work offerings, companies can drive change and pioneer new approaches that meet the needs of their employees.

The main points throughout this podcast include:

– creating clear expectations and boundaries

– the need for effective communication regarding availability and online presence 

– the consequences for not meeting performance expectations

– intentional management and self-awareness

– adapting work styles to fit individual preferences

– finding productive environments that suit each person’s needs

– asking employees how they prefer to be managed and tailoring leadership styles accordingly


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