In this episode, we dive into the fascinating topic of the future of wellbeing at work. As the world rapidly evolves, so do our perceptions and practices around employee wellbeing. 

Join us as we explore the emerging trends, strategies, and predictions that will shape the wellbeing landscape in the years to come.

In this thought-provoking conversation, we are joined by leading experts who share their insights on the future of wellbeing. 

We’re thrilled to welcome our expert guests:

Ryan Hopkins. 

Ryan is the Future of Well-being Leader at Deloitte. He is also a TedX speaker and author, on a mission to engage 1 billion people in the betterment of wellbeing.

Louise Aston. 

Louise is an award winning, high profile ambassador for health and wellbeing in the UK. With a career dedicated to tackling the stigma that surrounds mental health, including topics such as suicide, domestic abuse and sleep & recovery, Louise is currently Wellbeing Campaign Director at Business in the Community. 

Jason Richmond. 

Jason is VP of Sales Solutions at Headspace Health. A specialist in behavioural health, Jason started his career as a therapist before moving into organisational level interventions. 

Together, we uncover the key drivers transforming how organizations approach employee wellbeing, and how these shifts impact both individuals and businesses as a whole.

Join us as we discuss:

  • Destigmatizing mental health
  • Metrics and measurement
  • Holistic approaches to well-being
  • Leadership and culture
  • Technology and A.I.

Discover the latest insights, strategies, and practical tips to create a thriving work environment that supports the wellbeing of your most valuable asset – your people.


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