Welcome to a special summer edition of “Truth, Lies & Workplace Culture” – the podcast that simplifies the science of people for business owners and leaders who want to create enviable workplace cultures where people (and businesses!) thrive. 

In this laid-back episode, your hosts Leanne and Al Elliott take the reins for a light-hearted conversation perfect for easy summer listening. No expert guests this time, just the dynamic duo bringing you some refreshing insights into workplace culture.

Relax in the summer sun as Leanne, a seasoned Business Psychologist, and Al, the savvy business owner, tackle the five myths surrounding workplace culture. With their signature banter and easy-going style, they reveal the truth behind these common misconceptions, making sure you return to work armed with a fresh perspective and renewed enthusiasm for cultivating a thriving organisation.

So sit back, sip your favourite summer drink, and join Leanne and Al for a delightful exploration of workplace culture myths. It’s the perfect blend of insights and entertainment to keep you company during your well-deserved break. 

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