Truth, Lies and Workplace Culture has always been about fostering open and honest conversations. Today, on World Mental Health Day, we’re taking a step back from our usual format to share something deeply personal – our own mental health journeys.

Al and Leanne I first crossed paths as volunteers for Samaritans, a listening service that provides invaluable support to those who need it most. It was here that we found our shared passion for helping others access mental health resources and the importance of having a safe space to talk.

In this episode, we’re peeling back the layers to reveal the stories behind the smiles. We’re going to share our own experiences with mental health challenges, including moments of anxiety, burnout, and the immense pressure society often places on men to achieve success.

But, amidst the struggles, we’ll also discuss the pivotal moments that led us to seek help, the support systems that made a difference, and the small steps we’ve taken towards improving our mental well-being.

We hope that by opening up about our own journeys, we can contribute to the broader conversation surrounding mental health and inspire our listeners to prioritise their mental well-being too.

So, join us for this candid and heartfelt conversation about mental health. We believe that sharing our stories can help break down the stigma and encourage others to seek the support they need.

Thank you for tuning in.


If you’re feeling in distress or dispair, including suicidal feelings, please do consider contating The Samaritans.

Call Free from the UK on 116 123


Try the Samaritans Self-Help App:

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