Today, we’re taking our DEIB conversation to the next level. We’ll explore what it truly means to be an ally, the importance of fostering a sense of belonging, and the pitfalls of DEI washing.

Joining us are four incredible experts who will shed light on these crucial topics.

Allyship – Moving Beyond Passive Support

  • Allyship is more than just a buzzword. Our first guest, Shelley O’Connor, LGBTQ+ Co-Chair at The Bank of England, shares insights on what it means to be an ally in 2023 and beyond. We discuss the actions that go beyond passive support and how individuals and organisations can make a real impact.

Belonging – The Heart of DEIB

  • Feeling a sense of belonging is fundamental to DEIB efforts. In this segment, we’re joined by Farhana Kuddus, a global leader in DEI. Together, we delve into why belonging is the heart of DEI and explore the strategies to create inclusive environments where everyone feels valued.

DEI Washing – Recognising and Avoiding the Pitfalls

  • DEI washing is a term that’s been gaining attention. Jessica Schibli, Interim Head of Creative Diversity at the BBC, helps us understand the importance of representation in DEI and the difference between authentic DEI efforts and surface-level actions.

Data-led DEI – Leveraging Insights for Change

  • Data is a powerful tool for DEI initiatives. Kulbir Sergill, Director of Social Inclusion at University of Warwick, shares how organisations can leverage data-driven approaches to make meaningful change.

Culture-led DEI – Nurturing Inclusivity From Within

  • In our final segment, we discuss culture-led DEI with our experts. We explore how organizational culture plays a crucial role in fostering DEI and how leaders can lead by example. Our guests provide actionable tips for creating lasting change.

We hope this episode inspires you to take meaningful actions and embrace DEIB in your personal and professional life.


Connect with Shelley O’Connor from the Bank of England

Connect with Kulbir Sergill from the University of Warwick

Connect with Jessica Schibli from the BBC

Connect with Farhana Kuddus from NASA

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