Workshops bring the best out of their participants when they are experiential. Which person wants to sit in a workshop that is indeterminable from a lecture? We do not enter these spaces for dictation, we enter them for learning and feeling and experience.

And so that has become Cate Czerwinski’s priority: to design memorable, unique, experiential workshops… and what a success she has found!

On the other side of memorable experiences are long-lasting learnings and change. Which, when we boil it down, must surely be the priority for facilitators of all kinds?

Join me and Cate for an invigorating conversation about experience, experiences, and how it all translates from facilitator to participants and back again.

Find out about:

  • What Cate’s ‘failures’ have been and what she learned from them
  • How to transform team dynamics — in a workshop and beyond your immediate reach
  • Why Cate plans herself, in the persona role of ‘facilitator’, as part of her overall workshop plan
  • How to work with the room practically, physically, and emotionally
  • Why transforming energy has become one of Cate’s most-treasured and -used skills
  • How to help teams integrate feelings and the language of emotion into their measure of success

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