You leave school and enter the ‘real world’ of work. That’s the process, that’s the plan. But who’s to say that they should be so distinct? What if we brought knowledge from educational systems, such as Montessori, into corporate settings?

Benedikt Schmaus joins me in this episode to discuss how can take the best of education and use it to improve work. We explore what it takes to keep facilitation fresh, how to create a literal ‘heartbeat’ in an organisation, and how the MG Taylor method influences his work.

This conversation ended up being a much bigger inquiry into complex organisations, knowledge-sharing, and ideation and iteration. A wonderful way to spend an hour, I’m sure you’ll agree!

Find out about:

  • Translating best practice from educational systems into complex organisations
  • How to unlearn top-down leadership, even in places where it’s never been challenged
  • What the MG Taylor approach is, how Benedikt uses it in his work, and why it’s so effective
  • How to embrace novelty and avoid getting caught in the ‘same old’ processes
  • What it takes to bring human-centred, participatory processes into any organisation
  • Understanding organisational maturity, self-organisation, and problem-solving
  • Why facilitation is a skill of bridge-building

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