Joost de Leij has delivered over one thousand workshops, from informal group sessions to extensive work with the largest businesses worldwide. In that time, he’s learned a thing or two about effective facilitation.

This episode looks at the micro and macro of effective facilitation and how we can design workshops to deliver maximum impact. Sometimes, that can mean negotiating complicated power structures. Other times, it can mean choosing the right activities for the group. The rest of the time, it’s something we never expect or plan for!

Join us for an interrogation of power; a host of practical tips and advice; and some remarkable reflections, stories, and predictions for the future.

Find out about:

  • The unique challenges of working with leadership teams
  • Why non-attendance always damages the group, but can prove fatal when done by a leader
  • How facilitators can use AI to complement their preparation and in-workshop phases 
  • What changes when you encourage conflict to emerge in the room
  • Why Joost often asks groups to imagine themselves as a sailing ship — and how you can adopt this activity yourself 
  • How Joost uses approaches including LEGO Serious Play in his workshops
  • Why asking participants to write their own workshop summaries can be a shortcut to action

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