Want to turn your passion for facilitation into a full-time, thriving, scalable business? Or are you already facilitating as your main job, but want to take it to a new level?

Michael Zipursky is one of the best people to turn to, if that’s the case. As a coach for consultants, bestselling author, and prolific writer and podcaster, Michael is at the top of the game when it comes to practical, actionable advice for developing your career to the place you desire.

Turning his expertise towards the world of facilitation, we found that some of his advice is near-universal… and that there are some novel and exciting applications specific to facilitation.

Unlock the next level of your facilitation business with this episode!

Find out about:

  • How to turn your passion for facilitation into a viable business — but why passion alone isn’t enough
  • Which processes and structures can make the best foundation for your business
  • How to identify, enter, and own your niche and perfect clients
  • Why Michael recommends using specialised content to sell your services
  • The two things Michael believes we should prioritise to build a successful business
  • How to work for free without devaluing yourself or your work

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