Welcome to the latest episode of the “Success is a System” podcast with your host, Mike Greene. In this episode our guest is Dom Wells.

Dom is a fitness entrepreneur and lifestyle coach and will be talking all about his unique understanding of health, diet and of course exercise. Dom and Mike start off by exploring the importance of ensuring a consistent approach when it comes to exercise and healthy eating and goes on to explain his own system of training and exercise which involves a personalised app and plan for his clients. It’s a system which encourages people to think of actual food groups rather than “good” and “bad” foods and also helps them customize their diets and work to their own weight loss goals.

Food groups and weight loss go hand in hand and Dom explains how different people may have wildly varying levels of success in this area. This underscores the importance of learning the basics when it comes to nutrition, understanding impacts of particular sugars and carbohydrates for the GI and also mentions a hugely important area which is often overlooked: The role of nutrition in improving cognitive functions.

Dom also touches on the importance of not only having a balanced plan of activity between lifting weights, cardio, and other activities outside of the gym, but also the role exercise plays in stress management and understanding how different hormones like testosterone play a big role in a man’s performance.

Finally, Mike and Dom end the discussion on the power of focus and discipline and how this excellence mantra lies in the core of any truly successful goal.

Thank you for tuning into this latest episode of “Success is a System”. Please join us again for our next intriguing interview!

Wells Fitness: Personal Trainer | Wells Fitness | England


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