A powerful analogy for being a great Leader must be in being the conductor of a symphony orchestra. As the conductor of that orchestra, you have around eighty to one hundred musicians in front of you. They are all brilliant in their own right, all fighting to have their brilliance heard above everyone else’s, and you must serve the greater good. You must combine them into coherence and harmony to serve a greater good. But how can we do it?

Stay tuned over the next two episodes as we sit down with Arnaud Saint-Paul.

Over the last 20 years, Arnaud has been a philanthropist and an award-winning entrepreneur. He lives between Los Angeles and Paris and travels worldwide while having a successful career in finance and technology. After studying different religions and philosophies to understand himself, Arnaud’s purpose today is to open billions of hearts and help them to find harmony within and around them. He is doing this work with many top corporate leaders and entrepreneurs who realize the need to find harmony within themselves and their organizations.



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