We are all aware that business, as usual, is over. In many ways, agility is the new certainty. Every startup hopes and dreams that one day they’ll have the power and leverage of an industry giant. However, in becoming so big, those industry giants lose a lot of their agility. But what if these two very different ways of doing business found a way to come together? What could the Gorillas of industry teach startups? Moreover, could the startup teach these gorillas how to dance?

Let’s find out, our guest for the next two episodes is Dr. Shameen Prashantham. Dr. Prashantham is a Professor of International Business & Strategy and Associate Dean (MBA) at China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) in Shanghai, China. He is teaching executives or giving talks around the world, including in Bangalore, Beijing, Berlin, Edinburgh, Johannesburg, Lagos, London, Mexico City, Munich, Nairobi, New Delhi, Shanghai, Silicon Valley, Tel Aviv, and Zurich.

Dr. Prashantham is also the author of, Gorillas Can Dance. Lessons from Microsoft and Other Corporations on Partnering with Startups.

Website: https://gorillascandance.com

Book: https://amzn.to/3C511hR

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Part 1) The Dance of Trust

Making a Difference
From NGO to Start-ups and Microsoft
Getting Past the Gatekeepers
Getting Gorillas to Trust Startups
Getting Startup’s to Trust Gorillas
Non-Peripheral Skunks
The Big Lessons from Microsoft