Change at any level can be difficult. However, inside a large organization, it can be more so because for that change to not only take place, but to do so effectively, often means the transition of power, and those who have the power, are not usually in a hurry to give it up.

So, can we implement genuine and meaningful change as a way to confront the Obstructionism of Innovation without creating a cultural civil war? You might be surprised.

Our guest for the next two episodes is Greg Larkin. Greg Larkin is passionate about three things; transforming huge companies, being a good dad, and punk music. He is a global authority on entrepreneurial transformations in large organizations.

Greg is a transformation advisor to Uber, Google, PWC, Booz Allen Hamilton, and other large organizations. He has also served as the Director of Product Innovation at Bloomberg and across the Global 100. He’s learned that change that’s necessary is never easy and often, surprisingly unauthorized. Greg is also the founder of Punks & Pinstripes, a global coalition of intrapreneurs, entrepreneurs, and punks.

Greg is also the author of the business bestseller (in six countries), This Might Get Me Fired.


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Part 1) Why all innovators and evangelists, developing their punk radar

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A Culture of Lifer’s or Innovators
Supporting Cognitive Diversity
Developing Your Punk Sonar
The Transformation and Innovation Mythology
Recognizing and Dismantling the Bricks in The Wall of Resistance