We all know we need a clear strategy to move forward. However, most leadership teams fall down on implementing strategy. Why is strategic thinking so challenging to most leadership teams? Leadership requires strategy, but how do you know if you (or a team member) is a relationship leader, a visionary or a strategic thinker? Have you found yourself wondering how you can tap into the strategic thinking that remains dormant inside your organization? Too often, leaders just don’t know where to start planning for the future of their business; they usually start with the familiar: internally, operationally and incrementally focused. This is the wrong place to start. So, where is the right place? Well stay tuned, because for more than two decades of leading successful custom consulting engagements for corporations, entrepreneurial business and non-profits, Cecilia Lynch, principal of Focused Momentum® demystifies how to think strategically about your business to enable you to craft a winning strategy with the outside-in approach. Cecilia Lynch is a seasoned strategist, author, and the leading authority on strategic thinking. Recognized for her strategic mind while still in her 20’s, Cecilia started her executive career leading the strategic planning for a $1B global brand. In January of 2018, Focused Momentum, the strategic consulting firm she founded, celebrated its 20-year anniversary! Cecilia’s latest book “The Hidden Strategist” discussed the great need executive teams have for strategic thinking and how they continue to overlook the best strategists in their organizations – women. On this episode we dive into: “Strategic thinking” Has become a catch phase. What’s the best definition/understanding of Strategic Thinking”? How great strategic thinking resides untapped in most organizations. Why women are often the greatest resource for great strategic thinking Why women are often overlooked or set up to fail – think glass cliff – when they are recognized. Are women undermining themselves or are they overlooked or set up to fail? Why strategic thinking is so challenging to most leadership teams. Where leaders can find the hidden strategists in their organizations? Why older women will be a formidable force for strategic leadership in the next decade.