Learning From Experiments

As leaders, much of what we do depends entirely on the quality of our decisions.

However, as stress kicks in and our brain gets washed with a tsunami of cortisol, those none reactive decisions become more and more challenging to make. But what if there was a simple and powerful strategy that could show you that the thing you might see as impossible is, unless…

Imagine if there was simply an app on your device that could eliminate the overwhelming stress and allow you to tap into the greatest decision-makers in your industry? Could an app help us make faster decisions when it really matters? What if there was a way to tap into the exact constraints to get you to crystal clarity?

Could an app help us make faster decisions when it really matters?

Well, that’s where we’re going. Our guest for the next two episodes is Dr. Alan Barnard. Alan is considered one of the world’s leading Decision Scientists and Theory of Constraints expert. His research focuses on understanding why good people make and often repeat bad decisions. Based on this research, he has developed a range of award-winning decision support apps. Vanilla Ice featured him as one of his “Ice Advisors” on Season 7 of his award-winning Reality TV show on the DIY Channel.

Dr. Alan Barnard’s clients include Microsoft, Cargill, Tata Steel, Nike, Cisco, Intel, Penguin Random House, BC Rail, Premier Foods, Habitat for Humanity, Utah Governor’s Office of Management and Budget, and that’s just a few. Alan is also the Chairman of Odyssey Institute and frequently serves as field supervisor of Ph.D. students and guest lecturer at the DaVinci Institute and Duke University. He is also the author of, It’s Impossible… Unless?

Website https://dralanbarnard.com

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