In the corporate world, the idea of ‘accountability’ is seen as a core function of management. However, if we think about it, in many ways we’ve had accountability upside down. Here’s what I mean; we pay more attention to knowing who to blame in case we fail than to creating the conditions to succeed. What that means is that oftentimes, accountability is seen as a threat rather than a debrief strategy for success. So, what might happen if we turned that around? Is it possible that we’ve got accountability upside down? If so, how can we get it so that our people want to embrace accountability? Our guest today is Mr. Rob “Cujo” Teschner. Cujo is a veteran of Operations NORTHERN and SOUTHERN WATCH over Iraq. He’s a former F-15 Eagle instructor at the prestigious U.S. Air Force Weapons school—the Air Force ‘Top Gun’ program. Cujo’s also a former F-22 ‘Raptor’ fighter squadron commander; that’s the CEO of an organization that employed more than $4 Billion in low-volume, high-demand assets designed to take the fight deep into enemy territory. He is the Founder and Principal at V.Max Group, a Leadership and Teamwork training company. To top all that, he is also a cancer survivor. Cujo is the bestselling author of, Debrief to Win: How America’s Top Guns Practice Accountable Leadership.

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