The Business Growth Paradox

His Title: Lee Colan: Organizational psychologist & CEO advisor.

Growth, it’s something that every business, every leader wants more of. But, take a pause and consider the possibility that in our hyper-growth, success-driven society, there could be such a thing as Unhealthy Growth. However, if your profits are up, how would you even recognize the possibility of Unhealthy Growth? Moreover, what can you do to flag it? And, is it possible to turn Unhealthy Growth into Healthy Growth?

Let’s find out. Our guest on the next two episodes is one of a handful of rare returning champions, Lee Colan. Lee is an organizational psychologist and CEO advisor. He has authored 15 popular leadership books that have been translated into 10 languages. He has also created over 50 products that equip and encourage leaders at every level. Lee believes when leaders are humans first and see the human beings behind their employees, everyone and everything flourishes. Lee Colan is an advisor to America’s leading companies and nominee to Top Management Thinker globally by Thinkers50.


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