Do You Know Where Your Achilles Heel Is? What Are You Hiding and getting away with Justifying? What’s That Thing You Tell Yourself is Your Edge, that is in Fact, Holding You Back? How Might Confronting Your Achilles Heel Magnify Your Success? Big Questions!

Let’s find the answers together…

Our guest today is Sean Castrina. He is a bestselling author of 3 books including: 8 Unbreakable Rules for Business Startup Success, The Greatest Entrepreneur in the World and his most recent book:

The World’s Greatest Business Plan – That Actually Works! He’s been a contributor to Forbes, Money Magazine, Inc. Yahoo Finance and countless others. He has guest lectured at some of America’s finest colleges on entrepreneurship and has shared events with Tony Robbins, Jon Gordon, John Maxwell and numerous others. He is also a host of The 10 Minute Entrepreneur Podcast which has been a top 10 business podcast on iTunes.


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