There comes a point in every leader’s career, especially an entrepreneurial leader, where they realize that what they are doing is unsustainable and the value they’re adding is massively devalued because they are doing too much. However, Profit Lives in The Resistance Zone

The answer is, of course, that we need to trust enough to delegate to someone else. As much as delegation may seem like the perfect solution, it can be a disaster. As a result, we can end up in, what’s now known as, the Delegator’s Dilemma. How to navigate the Delegator’s Dilemma is specifically where we’re going on our next couple of episodes.

Our guest is Yuri Elkaim. At 17 years old, Yuri faced an auto-immune illness that took him from being a hairy teen to bald. He then became a pro athlete who, at age 24, reconsidered his life path as an athlete and returned from Europe to pursue his deeper passion for health and nutrition. From there, he went on to build a business that would assist ½ million people worldwide.

Yuri Elkaim has become a leading health expert, New York Times bestselling author, and the founder of Healthpreneur®. Yuri is a proud Canadian contrarian thought leader. He walks his talk by sharing lessons and insights from being a pro athlete to having 17 years as a leader in the entrepreneurial trenches.


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Part 2) Profit Lives in The Resistance Zone

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