Do you sometimes feel that when you go to work, you’re supposed to leave the other parts of yourself behind? Since the industrial age began, that message of separating our personal and professional lives has been indoctrinated into us.

But just stop for a moment and consider that the people who have influenced you the most in business have likely influenced you in other areas. It may be time to open up to integrating that we all need mentors, and we need them in all areas of our lives.

Our guest for the next two episodes is Scott Jeffrey Miller, a Wall Street Journal bestselling author who currently serves as Franklin Covey’s senior advisor on thought leadership.

Scott is a highly sought-after speaker, author, and podcast host. Before his advisory role, he was a twenty-five-year Franklin Covey associate, serving as the Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President. Scott is the author of the series of books Management Mess to…

He also hosts, On Leadership with Scott Miller, the world’s largest weekly leadership podcast. Scott has recently written a series of books titled Master Mentors, where he has taken mentoring from some of the greatest minds to show us how we can excel in all areas of our lives.


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