As a leader should you actually be doing far less than you’re doing?

“Command and control” is an old song that talent are no longer sing along to… However, on this episode we challenge you to look at; has command and control leadership been replaced with the battle cry of “You’ve gotta hustle”?

Everyone from entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuck to the founder of Tesla Elon Musk are all about the hustle.

But the question is; will we in a few short years, look back at “hustle” and shake our head the way do at command and control?

Well according to our guest on this episode, you might want to rethink the whole hustle thing.

Ajit Nawalkha, is a serial entrepreneur, global educator & consultant.

He’s gone from sharing a home with 23 other family members in Jaipur, India, to becoming a global speaker, Ajit learned it all through own experience.

From non-profit intern, to a CEO of an international company he raised up by immersing himself in entrepreneurship, value-based leadership and learning how to double the business while impacting more and more people.

Over the past decade he has helped build training and coaching companies to inspire the coming generation, transform entrepreneurs to live on purpose, while enjoying their lives while increasing profits.

He believes entrepreneurs and leaders can have it all: business success, health, fulfilled life and thriving relationships and there is no need to sacrifice other parts of your life in the name of your business. He’s the author of the bestselling book:“Live Big” The Entrepreneurs guide to passion, practicality and purpose

On this episode we go FullMonty on:

Being a Leader of None!

“The Passion Conundrum”

Finding your purpose isn’t just possible, it’s imperative

Why Ajit believes that as entrepreneurs we should not hustle… and that isn’t sacrilege

Overcoming entrepreneurial burnout

How you can lead your people though values, empowerment and being leader of none

That moment in Ajit’s life when he realized the goal wasn’t what he really wanted

And so much more.