Do you think it’s possible to produce breakthroughs and transform in the world through a different quality of conversation?

Stepping into that “next” role as a leader can be overwhelming… even if you’ve been a CEO before and this is a new gig, or for that matter if this is your first time up to bat in a leadership position.

So, what is it that all of us who step into becoming the New Boss need to know in order to not only achieve success, but sustain it?

Let’s find out together; Our guest on this episode is Aviv Shahar

Aviv Shahar is founder and president of Aviv Consulting, a strategic innovation consultancy, and the author of Creating New Futures—How Leaders Produce Breakthroughs and Transform the World Through Conversation. Fortune 500 companies hire him to help their senior teams create purpose-inspired futures and innovative strategies that drive growth.

Aviv’s clients include executives at Alcoa, Chevron, Cisco, DuPont, General Mills, Hewlett Packard, Lufthansa, Procter & Gamble, Ring Central, and Zoom. He’s worked with clients in Brazil, Canada, China, Germany, Great Britain, Holland, India, Israel, Mexico, Poland, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan, and the United States.

For more than 25 years, Aviv has specialized in helping executives and managers enhance their creativity and innovation, competence and collaboration, and clarity of vision, especially in critical situations. Aviv’s experience in coaching for high-level performance in critical operations was gained as a fighter pilot who was responsible for training other fighter pilots in the Israeli Air Force. Aviv’s air force training and discipline taught him about thorough planning, flawless execution and the discipline of debrief; it was during these years that he adopted

his life motto for continual learning: An un-debriefed action is a wasted action.

During the course of his leadership work, clients asked Aviv to help them innovate and grow. In response, Aviv developed Strategic Innovation—a multi-functional approach that brings together all assets, capabilities and disciplines of an organization, so they can be used to create exciting new futures.