Here’s something most leaders have never even considered: What if we’re “experienced” in something that is no longer relevant, then is our experience a disadvantage? Let’s find out together.
Our guest today is Buddy Hobart. Buddy has been a pioneer in generational leadership and his predictions regarding leadership requirements in the 21st-century have proven to be prescient. Before the global pandemic brought them to front and centre, Buddy was putting a spotlight on many of the leadership challenges we are all now forced to confront. Buddy Hobart is a highly acclaimed consultant, entrepreneur, author, speaker, and an internationally recognized pioneer on leadership in a multigenerational workforce. He authored the Gen Y Now series, which was widely regarded as ground-breaking in portraying Gen Y (Millennial’s) in a positive light. Buddy’s sixth book, The Leadership Decade: A Playbook for an Extraordinary Era, details how to prepare your company for prosperity through intensive investment in your employees’ abilities as supervisors, managers, and leaders—even during a crisis. Buddy’s organization, Solutions 21, is also a Inc. 5000 company. He is a frequent speaker at leadership forums in the US, Europe, and Asia. Buddy also works with globally stationed senior military leaders on 21st-century leadership practices.

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