The gender gap is it real or is it rhetoric?If it’s real, are we actually committed to closing it?

As leaders we all know that there’s a lot of talk about the need for gender equality (and inequality). But we also know that there are many folks dragging their heels about the ideas of equal pay and gender partnership.

So we have to confront the question: is this an issue in your organization? If it isn’t, how long will it be before it becomes one?

Furthermore, what’s the cost of gender inequality, and what can we do about it?

Well let’s find out together. My guests on this episode are Chris Steely and Wendy Haines. Wendy Haines and Chris Steely serve as Senior Consultants with The Institute for Gender Partnership training and facilitating the business imperative of effective business leadership. Collectively, they’ve got over 40 years of experience engaging leaders in conversations that inspire them to step up their games, effectively engage their teams, and build companies that work. They have a particular passion for supporting organizations in shifting their culture to one of true gender partnership.

As authors, certified coaches, and seasoned business executives with international exposure to various markets, Chris and Wendy bring unique skillsets, helping leaders make the distinctions that THEY need to make in order to make a difference that matters.