When it comes to the disruptions of business many leaders seem to fluctuate between “I Can’t Go For That” I’m Wrestling with a “Man Eater” through to “You make my dreams come true”

Business as we’ve known it is in a constant state of disruption, which means, we, as leaders have to be constantly shifting changing and innovating. However, many old school leaders want to keep things the way they were, and, all too often, that’s a recipe for disaster. So how do you and I work out what we need to hold onto and what to let go of? On top of that what about those who are in business partnerships? How can we maintain long term partnerships that not only work as creative collaborations, but also grow the partners in the process?

Can long term partnerships work in the age of disruption.

Well, stay tuned because our guest today has been involved in one of the most disrupted industries for 40+ years. That industry, the music business. He’s also an author whose memoir, Change of Seasons, was published in 2017.

John Oates, is one half of, if not, the most famous music duos of their time; Hall & Oates. John Oates was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2004,[2] and in 2014. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, as a member of Hall & Oates.[3] He’s the creator and executive producer for the “7908 the Aspen Songwriters Festival”.

On this episode, we go inside not only the music industry but also what’s made Hall and Oates last, while other duo/partnership have fallen apart, and what we can learn from this, as leaders.

We dive into

The disruptions in the fickle music business and the impact on them (Hall & Oates) and as a duo.

The most important lessons he’s been able to impart to his son.

We even talk about the famous moustache of his and the cartoon series based on it.

The importance of mentors in business, in music and in life.
What happens when the fame goes away.
We talk about his guilty pleasures, what brings him joy.
The most difficult decision he had to make that transformed his life.
Why they (Hall & Oates) are on a massive US, Europe, and South American tour right now