This is one of those conversations that you think will go one way and it turns out to take many unexpected twists and turns that will make your head spin and have you see Venture Capital completely differently than you ever did!

Silicon Valley has transformed the World of Venture Capital But What the real cost of receiving VC and is venture capital the way to go for your organization?

All to often even people in the VC world can’t be clear about answering those question. But if you want to know who can

Stay tuned because you are about to find out, our guests on this episode are Andrew Goldner & Sean Sheppard

Andrew Goldner & Sean Sheppard are the Founding Partner of GrowthX. Andrew has been in the technology sector since 1998, based in New York City, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Palo Alto.

Andrew began his career in technology as a lawyer for the early Internet

pioneers in Search (Alta Vista and Yahoo), and others while practicing law. He has served as Publisher of Reuters News and then Co-Founder and Managing Director of the company’s legal media business in Asia Pacific and the Middle East.

He then co- founded GoodMoney to democratize high performance, values-based investing.

During that time Andrew met his current partners and co-founded GrowthX.

Sean Sheppard is a Serial tech entrepreneur and currently a founding partner at GrowthX.

As a serial entrepreneur Sean Sheppard has successfully grown dozens of early-stage companies across a wide variety of products and markets. He was recently named the # 2 Sales Influencer online and contributor at The Huffington Post.

As co-founder of Silicon Valley based Seed-Stage Venture Capital Fund and Market Development Accelerator GrowthX and GrowthX Academy, he’s now committed to working with countries, companies and startups on developing the next generation of entrepreneurs, innovators and sales leaders on how to execute in the innovation economy.

On this episode we dive into:

Why Venture Capital need innovation
Why 70% of funded companies fail, and what needs to change
Why there’s a different set of Leadership skills needed for the Innovation Economy
Founders shouldn’t have to leave their homes to build great companies
Why the best people for founders to raise money from are their customers
The imperative of governments to retrain their workforce for the innovation economy
Personal Vs Professional Development
Facing and dealing with Self Doubt
Fake News
Promises from a deathbed
Should we place the individual over the group or the group over the individual
“Faithfulness” has it been vilified?