Million Pound Mission Man @bloomingtongym with @TheDovBaron

The Taboo that hides beneath your business suit!

Leaders and top executives hold positions that convey power, prestige, and competence. However, even if you’re flying business class on a long haul flight, you are eating aeroplane food at odd times of the day because you’re likely flying in and out of different time zones.

On top of that, it doesn’t take long for the “glamour” business dinners, missed workouts and exhaustion to catch up. Before you know it, the next business suit needs to have a little more room than the last one, and the fact is, that last one was three sizes bigger than the one you bought 5 years ago.

Those same leaders who hold positions that convey power, prestige, and competence often feel powerless with regard to their own weight gain. Did you know that 27 percent of health spending between 1987 and 2001 was attributable to obesity?

The total cost of obesity to private employers is approximately $45 billion per year.

So how can we as leaders, slow down, even reverse this weight gain train from going of the track?

Well stay tuned because our guest today is Adam Schaeuble, PhD. (pronounced; “Shyblee”)

He’s an entrepreneur, community leader and host of the top ranked fitness podcast, The Million Pound Mission.

Adam is a man on a mission that started in his home town of Bloomington, IN, where he has created a bootcamp program that’s produced over 35,000 pound of results.