What will determine the future of business and leadership is a big question.
The answer, of course, is multi-faceted. However, what’s certain is that business and leadership development will require genuine innovation. Our guest is here to show us why innovation is impossible without Cognitive Diversity, particularly at the executive level.
But what is Cognitive Diversity, and Why are Emotions and our understanding of them vital to innovation?

Our guest for the next two episodes is Dr. Dan Hill, PhD. Dan is an internationally recognized expert on the role of emotions in business, politics, and sports.
His wide-ranging media coverage includes a front-page profile in The New York Times and appearances on ABC’s Good Morning, America, and NBC’s The Today Show. Dan’s an EQ expert who pioneered the use of facial coding in business to capture/quantify emotional responses. His company, Sensory Logic, Inc., has done work for over 50% of the world’s top 100 B2C companies.
Dan is also the author of 10 books, including, Famous Faces Decoded, and Two Cheers for Democracy. His latest book is, Emotionomics 2.0 The Emotional Dynamics Underlying Key Business Goals.
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