Can you and I build a culture that improves productivity, performance, and profit…even if everyone’s remote?

Corporate culture is where the rubber meets the road between leadership and those we lead. Unfortunately, as much as we might intellectually know that, oftentimes leaders don’t know specifically what to do to create the kind of culture they want. Furthermore, in an age where more and more of us are working with and leading virtual teams, we have to ask ourselves how culture works in this new context.

If all that interests you, stay tuned because our guest on this episode is Chris Dyer, a recognized performance expert, entrepreneur, consultant, and best selling author. Chris works with leading organizations to help them transform their cultures in order to boost performance and gain an even greater edge in the marketplace.

He’s the author of the bestselling book, The Power of Company Culture and is the Founder and CEO of PeopleG2, a company that has appeared on the Inc. 5000 list of the Fastest Growing Companies.

On this episode we go FullMonty on:

7 pillars of corporate culture
Transparency…where it starts and how far to go
Why leaders need to stop focusing on fixing problems
How Chris used the recession to transform his business
Why leading companies are committed to community involvement
Why the official employee engagement numbers (which are very low) are dead wrong
Why Chris loves working with remote teams (and how you can too)
Why you should say “yes”way more often
And so much more…