In case you haven’t noticed; the world seems to be in a polarized flux!

On one side, there seems to be previously peaceful hippies who are now punching people for disagreeing with them.They seem to find everything offensive and are screaming socialism for all.

On the other side; all over the world, we have the rise of democratically elected autocratic nationalist leaders, telling folks that they, and only them, can save their country.

And then in the middle is the rise of conscious capitalism, The B-corp, those who want to use business for good. Of course, you may be standing on the sidelines thinking, “I’m just trying to do business”.

But is there a way to become more conscious and more profitable?

Well let’s find out together…My guests on this episode is Joe Hudson.

Joe Hudson is the Managing Director of One Earth Capital. This organization supports scalable companies that are focused on increasing self-awareness in the mass market.

Before this, Joe Hudson spearheaded the first Venture Capital firm to focus on Sustainable Agriculture and was the largest investor in the first Sustainable Agriculture IPO on NASDAQ.

Joe is committed to a life of self-exploration across dozens of psychological, neurological, and spiritual traditions. He is passionate about sharing the gifts of this exploration with others.He’s a man whose purpose is to improve the self-awareness of humanity through investing in start-ups, philanthropy, and creating transformational experiences for business leaders.