We’ve never backed away from looking at what the real problem is when it comes to engagement, or rather disengagement, and our approach to dealing with it.

The question is have you, as a leader actually been trying to deal with this issue in the direct opposite manner than we should?

Well stay tuned because you are about to find out…

Our guest on this episode is Robb Holman…

Robb is a serial entrepreneur, who has founded numerous, highly influential organizations, both for-profit, as well as non-profit. He is the founder a global leadership consultancy firm dedicated to revolutionizing the way business leaders operate.

Robb Holman is an internationally recognized leadership expert, executive coach, keynote speaker, and author who has a heart for authentic relationships and a true talent for equipping people with the skills and the knowledge necessary for their success.

He guides his clients to discover how to connect with their unique life’s purpose, and find success in a way they never expected – from the inside out!