We now live in a super social world, where we can connect to people all over the planet instantaneously, but are we really doing that? If we do what’s the real impact, and If we don’t what’s the consequences?

Our guest on this episode is Cameron Brown… Born and raised in outback Australia, Cameron has turned his dream and passion for helping others into a socially conscious company that empowers people across the globe to make a greater impact.

In 2016, Cameron Brown sold or donated 99% of the things he used to own and embarked on a global quest to show first hand, that how we run our companies, live our lives, and use our natural talents, determines not only our future, but also the future as our species and the well-being of our planet.

Through the talks he gives, people he coaches, and music & short films he creates for an audience in 195 countries, Cameron discusses important topics including human potential, creative thinking, sustainability and relationship development.

He believes that everyone has the opportunity to make a positive impact in the world and loves helping good people do exactly that.

Discover more about Cameron Brown here: https://thrivingcollective.com