What is it that you think is impossible for you to do, and if there is a process, a method you could follow that would making the impossible possible?

The fact is; every real innovator, every real hero, started out as a heretic! So how do you Disrupt an industry, a business or anything without being burned at the stake, but rather being hailed as a genuine hero?

Well stay tuned because our guest today is Cort Dial

Cort Dial has spent the last 30 years in a variety of environments ranging from corporate skyscrapers to South American jungles.

He has successfully guided business coaches and executives from organizations

such as Chevron, Intel, Disney and Apple to cultivate a new

breed of leader.

He guides individuals through frank self-evaluation, personal change, and the pursuit of extraordinary performance, he creates the All-In Leaders, high achievers who recognize the power of human connection.

Cort Dial is also the author of the Globe and Mail’s 2016 #1 business book; Heretics to Heroes: A Memoir on Modern Leadership. His book introduces a new framework for inspiring and influencing others with his All-In Leadership. As provocative as it is practical, Heretics to Heroes reminds readers that history’s greatest men and women were once seen as heretics.

More on Cort Dial: http://www.cortdial.com