Stop: Think about yourself as a leader and how you lead and let me ask you: “Would you do that to your mother?”

As a leader in any capacity you know, that we all have two sets of customers…internal and external. The external ones are the ones who buy from you, the internal ones are the ones who buy into you, your organization and culture.

The truth is pretty much everyone thinks they run a great company and that their people are treated well.

But how can you know for sure?

Well stay tunes because our guest on this episode is: Jeanne Bliss

She is a Fearless pioneer for customers, harnessing her Italian background and 35 years of experience to improve lives for customers and employees!

Jeanne Bliss pioneered the role of Chief Customer Officer (CCO), holding the first-ever CCO role for over 20 years at Lands’ End, Microsoft, Coldwell Banker and Allstate corporations, where she has driven achievement of 95 percent loyalty rates, improving customer experiences across 50,000-person organizations.

She is the author of four books: best-sellers ‘Chief Customer Officer’ and ‘I Love You More than My Dog’, and her latest: “Would You Do That To Your Mother?”

As founder and president of CustomerBliss, she counsels such clients as AAA, Brooks Brothers, Johnson & Johnson, and The US Postal System and many others.

On this episode we go FullMonty on:

6 actions that build “make mom proud” companies
Why we need all need a “mom lens”
Harnessing her Italian background
Getting past the baloney in business
How to measure REAL Prosperity
What’s the difference between a calling and a profession
What she learned from PepsiCo, Patagonia, and Virgin Hotels
Why some leaders need the mouth washed our with soap
Leadership Bravery… How to foster it!

and so much more…

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