Business today is global…Not big news. However, if you don’t know how to traverse the cultural matrix it could bring you, and even your organization down. So how can we breach our own cultural bias while going global? What if you had “The” Guide Book for Cultural Intelligence?

Well stay tuned because we are about to find out!

Our very special guest on this episode is Dr Michael Kimball

Dr. Mike Kimball is a mindfulness trainer, archaeologist, and self-described “contemplative anthropologist” at the University of Northern Colorado. His wide-ranging experience includes conducting archaeological research in Western Europe, exploring ruins of the Maya Civilization, and studying ancient Native American rock art in the United States.

He has also collaborated with Southeast Asian and East African refugees on intersecting their cultural heritage with their new homes in the US.

Moreover, as a dedicated mindfulness practitioner, trained in both Western secular and Buddhist meditation traditions, Mike also rigorously investigates culture’s influence on his own perceptions, biology and behaviour.

In his latest book, Ethnowise, he shares his discoveries and pro tips for hacking what he calls our “cultural Matrix” to build cultural intelligence within individuals, teams, and beyond. What if you had The Guide Book for Cultural Intelligence.

This is a truly inspiring, awakening and enlightening conversation that will leave you wanting so much more.

Some samples of what we’ll share on this episode:

How culture is a Matrix.
How we’re blind to the cultural Matrix
How to hack the Matrix and become a cultural Neo to align your purpose, your team and your mission
The cultural comfort zones that leave us feeling miserable
The 5 principle of being human

and so much more…

Find out more about Dr Mike Kimball:

Twitter: @ethnowise @UNC_Colorado