Why do some people have all the advantages and still fail, while some others who seem have the odds stacked against them not succeeding but they excel?

As a leader (in any capacity) you probably know that…Not only have you got to become the best, but becoming the best against all odds is vital.

Right now I want you to ask yourself; What are the disadvantages you feel you’ve been dealt? Now what if you could take that crappy hand turn it into your greatest advantage?

Well stay turned because our guest today is Richard Turner

His unparalleled skill with a deck of cards has been repeatedly featured on world-wide television, including Penn & Teller’s TV series called “Fool Us.”

Penn said, “Richard fooled us with every single move he did.” Richard Turner is also the subject of the feature documentary film titled “Dealt,” which won the “Audience Choice Award at South by Southwest Film Festival with rave reviews from the New York Times to the L. A. Times.

DEALT is 95 on Rotten Tomatoes, 5 stars on ITunes, VARIETY called Turner “nothing short of dazzling” and Teller said, DEALT knocked me dead–A great Documentary!”

Now you might be thinking why has Dov Baron got a guy who fooled Penn & Teller on his leadership show? Well just wait and you’ll see.

Richard Turner is a master Card Mechanic—Manipulator, who’s talent, humour, poise and eloquence has made him a highly sought-after stage entertainer and Fortune 500 speaker.

He has entertained and entranced millions of people, including celebrities such as Tonight Show host Johnny Carson, comedian Bob Hope, actor Brad Pitt, sports legend Muhammad Ali, and many more.

On top of that he holds a 6th degree black belt in karate.

I tell you this because by the age of thirteen, Richard Turner’s vision deteriorated to 20/400, twice the level deemed legally blind.

More about Richard Turner and the Movie Dealt: https://richardturner52.com