In this podcast, Mike Greene speaks with Mark Wright, the winner of The Apprentice 2014, to discuss success and how to achieve it.

Mark shares his story of finding his passion, which motivated him to succeed and reduce the stress of his parents. He goes on to explain how he won The Apprentice, and how it became a major step to becoming successful.

Mark then dives into the ways to maximize success when exiting a business, and why conflict can lead to clarity. He emphasizes the importance of ambitious written goals, and explains how the power of association can help you reach your goals.

Finally, Mark provides advice on taking action and becoming successful. He encourages listeners to find their passion and use it as a driving force to pursue their goals, and to push past any feelings of fear or doubt. He also encourages taking risks, networking, and learning from mistakes.


Mike Greene, star of Channel 4’s Secret Millionaire, interviews some of the leading business people of our time. mike reveals the key systems that these entrepreneurs have to achieve their version of success.

Because success isn’t luck, Success is a system.

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