Welcome to Success is a System, hosted by Mike Greene with today’s special guest, Samantha Robinson.

On the show, Mike and Samantha start by delving into the power of a positive attitude and energy and how it can be contagious and influence the people around you in an important way.  

Samantha goes on to talk about getting her start in the hairdressing business at 14  and her life prior to obtaining her law qualification and joining the family luxury Tepee hire business.

She goes into detail about why her business was so successful; top class and a  high quality of service.

Next, Mike and Samantha’s discussion centres around how the Covid-19 pandemic impacted her business, and the potential for negative press from the media and journalists and how that can have a major impact of peoples mental health.

Samantha takes this time to reflect on her venture into the world of fitness coaching, and the need to create and maintain a balance between work-life and personal life and the power of strong women in life and business.

They both touch on the issue of women entrepreneurs in business, the potential drawbacks of social media, and the valuable lessons that conflict can provide.

Mike and Sam wrap up their talk with a focus on the pros and cons of the education system and potential improvements that could be made.

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Mike Greene, star of Channel 4’s Secret Millionaire, interviews some of the leading business people of our time. mike reveals the key systems that these entrepreneurs have to achieve their version of success.

Because success isn’t luck, Success is a system.

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