The world of business is in constant change and the world of sales is evolving to keep up.

From the days of the power close through to solution and insight selling serious sales professionals constantly seek ways to improve. The modern sales person has a host of sales models to help them which this book sorts into Classic, Consultative, Value-Based and Enterprise selling.

Partnering Intelligence or ‘PQ’ is a means of understanding competence in using the system of behaviours that creates healthy, thriving relationships. Partnering skills can be measured and learned. Combine these with defined processes for implementing and guiding sales, and you have a repeatable formula for success.

Selling Through Partnering Skills uses the innovative VALUE Framework to bring these key elements together. In doing so it helps build the skillset required in today’s commercial environment. With an improved mindset and associated techniques sales people are now able to engage customers with a new finesse that can drive longer, stronger relationships.


You and I listen to podcasts for many reasons and listening to a podcast like this probably means you are looking to get insights about human psychology, motivation, persuasion, things like that. If you are here to learn, listening is not enough. In fact, that will get you ⅓ of the way there. You will understand the topic, that’s the first part. The second part is to remember the most actionable content when you need it, what we call the moment of truth. And thirdly you need to find opportunities to deliberately practice and reflect on that practice. This episode has a suite of learning tools that you can use to help you do this. Just go to and search for the title of this episode.