The corporate world can feel like a theme park — a place that’s recognisably ‘of our world’, with all the normal features (people, furniture, work), but an unshakeable feeling that something is… unreal.

People aren’t quite themselves, conversations and relationships don’t work the way they do elsewhere in life, and the coffee often tastes strange!

Göran Hielscher notices it, too, and his work in corporate workshops looks to undo this unrealness and bring something more authentic to the room. He explains his approach, experiences, and tactics in this value-packed episode.

Find out about:

  • Why we can — and should — dream a little bigger with corporate workshops
  • How to be ‘professionally human’ — and why it benefits everybody in corporate workshops
  • What DJs and spiritual leaders can teach us about corporate transformation
  • How to remain intentional in the design process, as well as the workshop itself
  • Why corporate resistance to facilitation isn’t about facilitation, but a misunderstanding of it
  • How to encourage embodiment, using body language as a primary communication tool

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